Tileable shower shelf

Individually designed showers
Stainless steel (V2A)
Height of profile
11 mm
Face width
290 mm
Edge lengths: 210 mm
Item No.:
Height of profile:
General product information
Thanks to PROSHELF the customer's requirement to have everything close to hand in the shower can be achieved very simply. No more awkward bending down in the shower for shampoo, etc.
Anywhere a shelf is not built-in, the installer can now do this with the help of PROSHELF. The tileable shower shelf can even be installed retrospectively without damaging the tiles, by being slotted into the available joint.
Article details
A high class solid floorboard needs a top quality, well-fitting finish. The PROVARIO Universal XL floor profile system offers a sturdy and secure solution here too.

The PROVARIO Universal XL screw-down ending profile

- is adjustable in height from 12 to 25 mm
- is available in 90, 100 and 270 cm profile lengths
- provides the ideal connection for solid timber floorboards
- is conveniently supplied with the elevation element

Gives any wooden floor a pleasant look

- The ending profile of the PROVARIO Universal XL series is also aesthetically pleasing: You can choose from five high quality aluminium anodised finishes.
- Not much can be seen of the screw heads in the PROVARIO Universal XL ending profile, and even less can be felt. They are flush-fit with the surface.

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