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What is meant by short drying times?

A conventional heated screed requires at least four weeks to dry out due to the screed thickness. With our surface heating and cooling system, we can dispense with the heated screen.


Why is the reaction time so short?

A conventional screed must be at least 4.5 cm thick above the tubing otherwise the screed will tear. It represents a large mass that also requires heating until the room is fully heated. With ENERGY, the spacing between the heating tube and the surface layer is approx. 5 mm. By comparison, heat must then only travel 20% of the distance and requires only 8% of the time.


What supply temperatures are required?

Depending on the heating requirement, the supply temperatures are mainly about 5 degrees lower than for conventional heated screeds. For this reason approx. 15% less energy is required with our surface heating system to achieve the same living comfort.


What heating tubes are used?

A multi-layer composite tubing made of polyethylene and aluminium. This makes the tubing highly elastic and provides oxygen impermeability over the long term. The tubing has an outer diameter of 16 mm and withstands a maximum flow rate of 5 litres per minute.


Does the heating tubing fit conventional distributors?

The standard Eurocone is the connecting piece for connection to all standardised heating circuit distributors.


Can I place any surface flooring on top of the system?

We approve tile formats with an edge length of 100 cm since cement-bound low-shrink levelling compound is used on our surface heating and cooling system. Soft floorings (such as vinyl, design floorings or carpeting) can also be bonded to a cement-bound low-shrink levelling compound. These floorings should have a minimum thickness of 10 mm. Parquet flooring with a layer thickness of 15 mm can be placed floating or bonded directly on the system. Please go to our download section for a detailed overview of our system structures.


What security can Proline offer me here?

Due to our many years of experience and test setups, the functionality of our system for tested system structures is guaranteed for 10 years (see System Structures in the download section)


Is their use restricted to floors?

No, these systems can also be used on walls and ceilings. Please pay attention here to the two different systems we offer. ENERGY BasicLine is designed for walls and ceilings.


What are the two systems which you produce?

We produce ENERGY BasicLine. This system comprises tubing support elements made of expanded polystyrene (EPS).
With the ENERGY NatureLine system, the material for the tubing support elements is made of soft wood fibre.

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