Floor and step profiles


PROSTEP step profiles

Safety is an important criterion, particularly as for stairs. For this very reason, we have equipped the surfaces of our PROSTEP step profiles with parts that provide a better hold. These decrease the risk of slipping and tripping significantly. This is an important added benefit for new construction and renovation alike. This benefit makes stairways once again the preferred choice for many applications.

PROCOVERfix Universal transition and compensator profiles

Particularly during restoration and when renovating old buildings, old and new floor coverings often adjoin. For cases such as these, we developed PROCOVERfix Universal. This floor profile can be fitted, even retroactively, as a transition and compensator profile with ease and accuracy. With appealing anodised colours and decorative wood-effect film, it offers an aesthetically complete solution.

PROFACE ending and edge profiles, PROTRANS transition profiles, PRONIVO K3 compensator and renovation profiles, PROFINISH compensator profiles

Proline standard profiles are cutting edge solutions for use anywhere. Adapting, edging and joining do not pose a challenge for floor profiles, even if they have irregular covering edges. PROFACE covers edges all the way to the walls. PROTRANS and PROFINISH cater to the transitions between different floor coverings while PRONIVO smooths the transitions between new coverings applied to old floors.

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