Sealing system

Foil seals against humidity

The pleasure of a wellness oasis is quickly spoiled if humidity penetrates to the wall or floor and damages the building structure. In our opinion PROFOLIO is the best system when sealing and decoupling membranes are called for in bathrooms. A special highlight: PROFOLIO is quick and easy to cut to size and makes further processing simple.

PROFOLIO: Protect wall and floor surfaces

PROFOLIO sealing and decoupling membrane made of polyethylene is certified by the general building supervision test report (in conjunction with PROFOLIO sealing tape, corner, sleeve). It can be placed on electric heating conductors or hot water underfloor central heating systems. The product line includes PROFOLIO butt-joining tape, PROFIX DS sealing slurry and OTTOCOLL M500 hybrid adhesive and sealants.

PROBAND: Seals corners and edges

The assortment is completed by PROBAND a self-adhesive butyl sealing tape.

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