Tile profiles & mat systems

Tile profiles provide the hold. Mat systems for safety and protection against cracks.

Tiles and natural stone coverings are an integral part of modern living culture. They can be used in a variety of ways and show great strengths in a wide variety of areas - as a beautiful eye-catcher in elegant living areas as well as a hard-wearing covering in business premises and industry.

To ensure that tiles and natural stone floors are beautiful and durable for a long time, they deserve comprehensive protection. This starts with the right mat systems. They bed coverings safely from below.

High-quality tile profiles guarantee the necessary hold in the edge area and at transitions where high loads can occur.

Structural profiles

Small Cause, Big Effect

The coloured tile profiles are made of high-quality aluminium and are used for the aesthetically demanding finishing of tiles. The decorative profiles with square geometry are suitable for visible accentuation of flooring finishes, corner formation and surface divisions in rooms with high design demands. At the same time, they protect the edges of the tiles from mechanical impact and damage. Supplemented by the matching corner pieces, perfectly shaped transitions are created for inner and outer corners.
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Perfect quality and workmanship

We at Proline are also convinced that high-quality work will prevail. This is why we manufacture most of our products in Germany. On state-of-the-art machines. Of course, we also carry out quality controls and material tests in order to meet our own high demands.

In this way we guarantee that our tile rails offer the perfect finish or that our decoupling mats can withstand high pressure without any problems.

We think in system

You can be sure of that: We optimize every Proline product in development and production so that you can always rely on it. Beyond that, we think in system terms. This means that all our products fit together perfectly when they are used together.

This ensures that our tile strips and matting systems are optimally coordinated during processing.

The right look

Tile profiles from Proline are convincing from an aesthetic point of view all along the line. Available in a large number of design and material variants, they can be used as elegant eye-catchers in living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms as well as practical and beautifully designed.

Holders in the work area or as hardly perceptible, but strong partners in the particularly strained commercial area.

Variety of materials

We attach great importance to tested and reliable production processes and high-quality raw materials. From rigid PVC to brass, aluminium, stainless steel in V2A and V4A ... No matter which of our tile end strips you choose: You will not regret your choice!

The purpose determines the means

Different coverings and installation methods demand different strengths from profiles and mat systems. In order to provide you with the right product for every requirement - whether tile or natural stone, thin or thick bed installation - we have attached great importance to perfect coordination under different conditions during the development of our products.

Our tile profiles and matting systems : design and technology perfectly combined

All around counts

Those who want to make floors good already pay attention to more than just the quality of the coverings during the planning phase. Because the all-round is also important: The edging of floors with high-quality tile profiles as well as the right protection from below, which high-quality mats guarantee.

Mat systems for flexibility and free space

Whether in new or old buildings: every building is always "on the move". If floor coverings are laid non-positively on subfloors, tension can occur.

You can reliably prevent this by using our matting systems, which decouple the floor from the subfloor and create the necessary space for durable, beautiful floors.

Support for edge and transition

If movement joints at transitions need to be safely covered or large floor surfaces need to be relieved by tension joints, Proline's various profile variants provide you with the right products.

Adjustment to environmental factors

In addition to mechanical loads, environmental factors such as cleaning agents in households and industry, aggressive substances from the air, condensation and chlorine in swimming pools also influence the durability of profiles.

Taking these factors into account ensures that profiles show their best side for a long time.

Proline offers you a wide selection. Our profiles are available in hard PVC, brass, aluminium and high-quality V2A and V4A stainless steel. The results are thus guaranteed, no matter where you buy the profiles from Proline.

Applications of tile profiles

With Proline tile profiles you can cover a wide range of applications:
  • Reliable edge protection
  • Creative wall and floor design
  • Sturdy and shapely finish
  • Transitions between pavements
  • Borders as optical elements
  • Torsion-resistant angle terminations through a selection of closed profiles
  • Optical adaptation to adjacent surfaces and components through coordinated materials and colours

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