Facade channel/drain channel

Keep facades looking good and protect living areas

When it comes to dewatering, the transitions between exterior floor coverings and interiors are a tricky area. When it's raining cats and dogs, water can build up quickly in front of doors, windows and walls by large windows. Wind and driving rain blow the surface water towards the living area. PROCOLINE drainage channels are the rights means to counteract this because they can channel away large quantities of water effectively.

PROCOLINE can be used in outside areas

  • for channelling away water from balconies, patios, paths and courtyards without vehicular traffic
  • for effective dewatering of large areas
  • to avoid water accumulating within specific areas (e.g. balconies)
  • to prevent surface water overflowing
  • for plateau construction in areas with challenging geometry
  • as a branch duct to deal with extreme gradient situations and facilitate favourable drainage

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