PROSTILT slab supports

PROSTILT slab supports can be used anywhere where heavy patio slabs made of concrete or natural stone are to be laid on even surfaces. Old patio coverings that have become unsightly can be simply overbuilt using PROSTILT slab supports. Even joints of professional quality can be quickly and simply achieved using the slab supports. The slab supports consist of soft rubber and have a burled underside as well as an integrated joint bridge on the top side. The elasticity of the material makes the direct laying of PROSTILT
slab supports possible on bituminous sheeting, for example, without damaging this.
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Quick reader:
  • PROSTILT slab supports are produced in Germany
  • Available in heights of 10 and 20 mm
  • Easy to process: Corner and edge pieces can be broken off easily
  • High stability due to large laying surface
  • Compensation of height differences using
    compensation discs
  • Drainage through open joints
  • Frost damage is avoided due to decoupling
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