Joint-end cover profiles and border profiles

Attractive protection

Decorative profiles from Proline are not only functional. They are also decorative and help to provide floors and walls with tasteful design, conceal joints or emphasise wall projections.

Clean transitions between coverings and fitted parts

Besides edge protection, the design of transitions to fitted parts such as shower trays, bath tubs and also doors and windows is one of the challenges in interior outfitting. Proline therefore offers you profiles in an number of different designs.

PRODECOR T: Joint-end cover profiles

You can elegantly hide joints of different widths using the PRODECOR T joint end cover profile. It is very easy to install when laying floor coverings. Proline offers the joint end cover profile in aluminium and stainless steel variants.

PROLISTELLI: Border profiles

PROLISTELLI is the luxury and top design alternative for ceramic borders in stainless steel. Different covering types are elegantly separated using PROLISTELLI.

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