Flooring underlayments

The right foundation for success

High quality underlay webs are the decisive basis for functional and cosy flooring. Designed primarily for floating floors, PROBASE underlay webs reduce walking and step noise, provide heat insulation, block moisture and protect coverings.

Supreme products for specialists

Thanks to close co-operation with customers and the ongoing further development and optimisation of our products, PROBASE is your reliable partner. Benefit from our pioneering system solutions and impress your customers with safety, durability and easy installation.

As safe as houses – of that you can be sure!

We know how important it is for users to be able to rely on our products on-site without compromise. This applies in particular when building regulations have to be complied with and various standards have to be met. Our PROBASE underlay webs have been approved for building by the German Institute for Construction Engineering (Deutsche Institut für Bauchtechnik). Your health and safety are worth it to us.
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