Round-edged profiles


Design of especially decorative corners in rooms

The highlight of the PROROUND round-edged profile is its rounded face edge. It gives edges on floors and walls a stylish elegance. The round-edged profile is available in three different materials, e.g. aluminium, stainless steel and rigid PVC.

The 1/4 circle face edge lends a special look to the PROROUND round-edged profile. As an alternative to the standard PROFLOOR profile and the PRODECOR Q profile with square face edge, PROROUND provides a stylish edge termination. PROROUND can be used on floors, walls and wall projections. Its special highlight: unique internal and external corner pieces connect transitions at corners, creating a rounded-off overall picture.

Proline offers PROROUND in aluminium, stainless steel and rigid PVC variants.

Use PROFLOOR on floors
  • to protect against mechanical impacts, damage and to provide decorative accents on external tile edges.
  • to separate floor coverings such as tiles, natural stone, parquet, laminate and carpeting.
  • to provide a skirting board separation or terminating edge on steps.
  • to cover skirting board edges.

Use PROROUND on walls
  • as protection and for decorative emphasis on external tile edges.
  • as decorative round termination alternative to angle profile.
  • as stylish timeless design of bathrooms and other interior rooms.
  • to complete a rounded-off harmonious overall picture with matching internal and external corner pieces.
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