Mat systems

Reducing noise and compensating for tension

Having the lowest possible noise level is essential for a comfortable living and working environment. Impact sound insulation from Proline helps make that environment a reality by decreasing noise from footsteps. Proline mat systems also feature decoupling mats, which absorb the horizontal tension of the substrate and provide perfect grip. Butt-joining strips, reinforcement mesh, stabilising mesh and insulation strips complete the mat systems.

PROSECUREfibretec 2.0 reinforcement and decoupling mats

The reinforcement and decoupling mat with high compressive and flexural strength. It can be used to reliably protect the surface against deformation forces from the substrate.

PROSECURE PE+ decoupling mats

The decoupling mat to compensate and dissipate stress between the substrate and the floor covering by means of a carrier fleece laminated on both sides.

PROSILENCE impact sound insulation: Soaks up the noise

The PROSILENCE impact sound insulation absorbs the noise generated from walking on the flooring. Its small setup height also make it easy to use in renovations and updates.

Accessories compatible with PROSECURE and PROSILENCE:

  • Butt-joining tape PROBAND
  • Dispersion fixative PROFIX
  • Edge insulating strip PROSTRIP S und L / Basic PE

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