PROSTILTadvance 2.0



Even in our part of the world, life is increasingly spent outside. Cooking in the outside kitchen, sizzling on mega BBQs and partying on roof terraces & co. – even working outside is big on trend nowadays. The new lifestyle has resulted in a boom of patio and outdoor areas with very new demands.

Outdoor is the new indoor, which is why your current and future customers are increasingly asking for solutions to help them realise their life’s outdoor dream in a long-lasting and durable way with high quality. Similar to a house, a solid support structure provides the foundation, crucial for the stability and preservation of every outdoor area. With PROSTILTadvance 2.0, you are using the best from two areas to build a permanent solution without fuss or quibble: Variable, ultra strong pedestal supports form the flexible and easy to handle basis of your patio. A support structure of aluminium sections is located on top. This results in optimum rigidity of the base as well as exceptionally high load-bearing capacity, which makes PROSTILTadvance 2.0 ideally suited to commercial and public areas.

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Special features:

The best concept for the design of a permanently attractive patio is an even load distribution.
This is the benefit of using PROSTILTadvance 2.0, the aluminium support structure for patios with system.
  • Practicality: Stable joint bridge that is nevertheless easy to remove
  • Convenient to lay: Ergonomic arrangement of the adjusting screw for convenient hands-free height adjustment
  • Stability: Extremely large footprint (Ø approximately 200 mm), with 12 cross braces for even more stability
  • Stability of the covering: Large contact surface (Ø 130 mm), therefore more stability
  • Flexibility: Adjustment range of up to 50 mm height for each pedestal support
  • Stability: Breaking load 12 kN (1.2 tons per pedestal support) due to rigid internal construction
  • Pre-assembled:Pre-assembly configuration of the feet for wall and corner connection
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• Weather-resistant
• Maintenance-free and durable
• Dimensionally stable and free from distortion
• Extremely high load capacity  


• Absolute freedom
• Suitable for different materials: Outdoor decking, WPC,ceramic, natural stone
• Combined laying (e.g. wood / ceramic)
• Different formats (e.g. dropping widths)  


• Simple + fast mounting (without special tools)
• Aluminium construction provides safety compared to wood
• Systemic design is the same for every project
• Accessories for drainage, facing etc.

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