Outdoor Systems

For open air wellness areas

Who doesn't like relaxing in the open air – on the balcony, on the patio or taking a stroll through the garden? To ensure that the time spent in the fresh air is pleasurable for a long time, however, wellness areas have to be protected against damage from water. For this purpose, Proline offers you drainage systems, balcony profiles and patio profiles that assure effective dewatering – and add nice touches at the same time.
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Balcony and patio profiles: Keep any covering in check

For attaching ballast, for edge protection and as an elegant cover, we also offer you the high quality balcony and patio profiles from the PROCOFORM or PROFORM series.

Pedestal and slab supports: For professionals

The current trend of installing terrace slabs on pedestal supports continues. The flexibility of this installation technique, its cost factor, ease of maintenance and resistance to various weather conditions speak in favour of a pedestal support system for terrace slabs made of porcelain stoneware, ceramic, natural stone or artificial stone.

PROCODRAIN drainage mat: Maximum performance and durability

PROCODRAIN drainage systems: your ideal partner for different coverings and installations.

PROCOLINE facade channel / drain channel: Accommodate all types of rain with ease

In cases where all types of rain need to be channelled away, PROCOLINE dewatering channels are a good choice.
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