Because the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Time is money. If you procure each of the components for floors and walls separately, your ultimate concern will be whether one or other of the links along the chain may turn out to be the weak point. And this may damage your competitiveness. That's why Proline makes your choice easier: We have everything that retail and craft trades need. And what we have is compatible down to the minutest detail.

Floor profiles interact perfectly with underlay webs; tiling profiles join seamlessly with the functionality of mat systems. Even outdoor drainage systems are complemented by Proline drainage mats, drainage channels and balcony and terrace profiles. Proline even helps you score in wet rooms where our sealing foils, shower channels and point drainage components are convincing by their looks and performance. Products from Proline Systems are always part of a chain and you can rely 100% on each member of that chain. True to the motto: On their own they are excellent, but together they are unbeatable.

The benefits for retail and craft trades, planners and building owners: Proline products offer long-term durability and save time – thanks to compatible system components and the high quality of each product. They also help achieve customer satisfaction since floors and wall coverings last longer with Proline Systems.

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