Satisfied customers are the best reference.


In practice, what counts is experience!

Ever since Proline was started, we have placed a special focus on the users of our products. We continuously improve our systems in cooperation with our customers. As a result we are in a position to support them reliably and effectively in practical work on the building site.

Quality, design and functionality all in one unit. This aim guides our way in product development and product design, and in our choice of protection processes, materials and suppliers.

What we do not supply, you do not need!

Admittedly, our slogan sounds totally immodest. But our most important factor in the continuous development of our products is what the retail trade and users really need. And what is superfluous?

This is why we keep constant contact with our customers and partners. Ultimately it is the trade retailers and crafts trades on site who can best judge what is best in daily practice – and the best and most sustainable way to satisfy customer wishes.

Our word is our bond!

Five words which have stood for long-term successful business and customer relations at Proline. Our business partners know that our word is our bond. And we know we can rely on our business partners.

In addition, we offer our business partners extra quality, reliability and durability in our high-quality products. This added value supplies you with the decisive advantage of scoring with the best solution for your own customers: With products and systems which are always reliable in every situation.
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