Quality signed and sealed

With PROBASE underlay webs we offer you excellent product features together with extra safety and durability. This is repeatedly confirmed by independent bodies. We can guarantee you top quality to match your needs through laboratory tests, application audits and our first-class expertise.


Safety - our top asset

PROBASE underlay webs not only meet our own high quality requirements. All our products have also received building approval from the Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (German Institute for Building Technology). This applies to all PROBASE underlay webs with one exception: the application for PROBASE Cork 2.0 is currently in process at the Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (as at 2/2015).

We have been awarded technical approvals (abZ) for underlay webs for laminate, parquet and floor coverings for which no DIN standards exist or which deviate from these standards. The precondition for receiving approval is that products must pass the emission and fire test successfully. A product may not emit any toxic or otherwise harmful substances.

Put to the acid test

Whoever guarantees quality must be convinced by the products. We certainly are. In the end we rely on testing, not only on independent materials testing laboratories or technical institutes. Before PROBASE products leave our factories, they undergo strict controls in our specially designed tests.

We then use these controls to continue development of our products. Ultimately we are guided by the requirements our customers express from their own experience and practical needs

Look for the Ü sign

Since 1 January 2012, only approved underlay webs may be used in habitable rooms* in Germany. Any violation of this may lead to your Client refusing to accept the work you have performed. With PROLINE you are on the safe side where this is concerned. Look for the Ü sign. For all products which bear this sign, we guarantee they meet all current strict regulations concerning possible risks to human health and the risk in case of building fires.

* According to the Model Building Regulations (Article 2, Paragraph 2), habitable rooms are rooms which are intended and suitable not only for temporary use by people, e.g. living rooms, bedrooms, workrooms; office and sales rooms.
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