Balcony & patio profiles

Protect sides and edges

A tidy and protective finish to sides and covering edges is assured with the balcony profiles and patio profiles from Proline. The aluminum or stainless steel profiles keep water at bay or channel it away in a specific direction. The flawless appearance of balconies and patios is guaranteed in this way for a long time to come.

Proline has two different ending profiles on offer for balconies and patios: PROCOFORM, the profile adapted to drainage systems, and PROFORM, the profiles for individual use. Both profiles are available in different sizes and RAL colours which means that the perfect solution can be found for every application.

Perfect as a team with PROCODRAIN drainage mats

Profiles for effective and targeted drainage of surface water. Ideal in combination with PROCODRAIN drainage systems.

Balcony profiles and patio profiles for any application

Edge profiles for balconies and patios made of aluminium or stainless steel for effective removal of surface water and clean balcony and patio edges.

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