Tileable wall niche

Storage shelves for bath & co.

The only wall niche and storage system pre-assembled in the factory, with already integrated tiling profiles and seals. Bathrooms and kitchens are spaces lending themselves to familiar routines.

While some like a specific and consistent morning routine in the bathroom, to get ready for a successful new day in a focussed and calm manner, for others it is important to finish their day in an orderly and structured way and prepare for the next day.

Order plays an important part for each conscious or subconscious routine. And with a bit of organisation, you achieve great
satisfaction. Nothing is more annoying than disorder and chaos.

For everything in your bathroom being close to hand and well organised, we at PROLINE have developed the wall niche PROBOX as well as different versions of the shelf PROSHELF.

Whether it is for new builds, renovations or refurbishments: We provide you with universal solutions in different shapes
and sizes for every room, every ceramic, natural stone as well as all thinkable situations.

Still cannot find something that fits? No problem: We will be pleased to produce your desired configuration to the millimetre from lot size 1, and that is a promise.

>>> Product brochure PROBOX & PROSHELF

PROBOX - Tileable wall niche with charging station for smartphone & illuminated scene-setting

1.Wireless charger

Each PROBOX can be equipped with a wireless charger. It is integrated in a cream- or anthracite-coloured glass base. The inductive
charging process is started by simple placing of your compatible smartphone.                   

2. LED strip                

SmartHome-capable LED light band. Control the lighting effect in your PROBOX by means of remote control, app,
Google Home, Alexa & co. As for the wireless charger, assuming a 220 V electrical connection (socket) was installed in the wall.      

3. Profile bonding                     

Every tile profile from the PROLINE product range can be installed in your PROBOX, in stainless steel as well as aluminium, with 8 mm or 12.5 mm profile strength. This makes your individual PROBOX suited to almost any tile strength. Is installed by default
with decorative profiles PROROUND or PRODECOR Q.   

4. Finishing

We can produce your optional extras on request. You can choose from all tile profiles (PROROUND and PRODECOR Q) from the PROLINE range and define your individual configuration.

Variants the tileable wall niche - PROBOX

  • 4 standard sizes
  • 2standard profile versions (round-edged or square-edged profile)
  • 5 different profile heights (6, 8, 10, 11 and 12,5 mm)
  • Suitable for damp and wet areas (A separate sealing sleeve is provided for the wet area, which we will be pleased to provide.)
  • Glass bottom with Wireless Charger
  • WiFi-LED with edge profile   
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