Surface heating & cooling systems

Whether you live or work in a new or renovated building, you like it to be comfortable year-round in your house, flat or office. Our aim is to transfer heat in a way that gets it where it is needed as fast as possible. In other words, to wherever you want to feel comfortable.

Proline Energy is a series of innovative surface heating and cooling systems that are well suited for installation on floors, walls and ceilings. They have been developed for use in dry-wall construction. Custom structural solutions allow all floor surface coverings such as tile and natural stone, parquet, laminate, vinyl and textile and elastic coverings to be implemented on the surface heating and cooling systems.

Your benefits:

  • Minimum installation height starting at 32 mm
  • Low weight – particularly well suited for renovations
  • Fast and easy processing
  • Low drying times
  • A wide range of design options
  • High comfort of living thanks to areal heat distribution
  • Short response times – perfect climate comfort
  • Low supply flow temperature
  • Two system solutions


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