Step profile

Slip resistant R10/V4 with test certificate
Stainless steel (V4A)
Length of profile
2,50 m
Height of profile
9 mm
Slip resistant R10/V4 with test certificate
Item No.:
Length of profile: 2,50 m
Length of profile: 3,00 m
General product information
The PROBASIC step profile terminates step edges. In turn it protects sensitive step tiles from damage. At the same time, the profile ensures a high level of safety when climbing stairs due to its ribbed surface which makes it non-slip. End caps close off the profile ends and contribute to the high-quality and harmonious appearance.
Article details
The stainless steel variant of the PROBASIC step profile is extremely rugged and resilient. The top side of the profile is embossed with a non-slip surface (R10/V4). The universal end caps are unique: they cover the ends of PROBASIC made of stainless steel.

Benefit from the following material properties:

- Resistant to chemical attack
- Insensitive to water, steam and air humidity
- Good processing properties
- Long-lasting
- Rugged

PROBASIC made of stainless steel has many applications:

- as non-slip termination for stair noses, preferably in heavily frequented interiors with a high level of public access
- in premises which require extra safety for climbing stairs
- as long-lasting protection against damage to tile edges on the treads
- as matching termination with plug-in end caps
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