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It makes no difference whether you are using a boiler that burns oil, gas, wood or pellets. Even if you decide in favour of electricity, long-distance heat or alternative energies such as solar or heat pumps, the water-based surface heating systems from Proline Systems remain your reliable partner. They use corresponding state-of-the-art control technology to perfectly integrate with the existing source of heat. This ability to combine with a wide variety of energy sources makes Proline Energy surface heating and cooling systems future-proof and suitable for more than just new buildings. Our systems also excel during renovations, since installation in an existing building is easy, fast and clean.

German - Quality

We at Proline Systems know how critical production processes are to the quality of our products. For this reason, we only manufacture our products in Germany and on machines that operate according to technically mature and tested methods and meet our stringent standards. The result is clear to see:

Innovative materials technology that has been optimised for minimum environmental impact and maximum efficiency through material and stress testing starting in the development phase. This guarantees the highest level of quality.

10-year warranty

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