ENERGY NatureLine

Pipe support elements made of soft wood fibres (SWF)

ENERGY NatureLine consists of pipe support elements with affixed aluminium heat-conducting plates. They are dimensioned for 16 mm multi-layered composite pipes and laid out with pipe distances of 12.5 cm or 25 cm, depending on the heat requirements. In addition to the straight elements, both systems also have diverter, feed and edge plates, which are adapted to the conditions of an individual building for easy and perfect routing.

This system configuration is suitable for living rooms; implementation in office or work spaces is possible in conjunction with our eco-friendly ENERGY PES decoupling and load distribution plates or suitable levelling.

For the sake of the environment and your well-being:

ENERGY NatureLine, the pipe support elements made of soft wood fibres and the ENERGY HDF decoupling and load distribution plates, use wood, a renewable and universal raw material. But that is not enough. The density selected in each case achieves a maximum of heat output, noise insulation and mechanical load capacity.This means the eco-friendly epitome is also ideal for everyday practicality.

System configurations:

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