Drainage mats

For tile and slab flooring exposed to all kinds of weather on screed floor
HDPE green dimple mat
laminated with PP fleece on the top side
Stud height
20 mm
Roll content
6,0 m²
Pallet content
72 m²
Item No.:
Stud height:
General product information
With PROCODRAIN, we offer you perfect drainage for balconies and patios. With their overlapping edges on one side, the versions E, GK or S are suitable for the task depending on the structure and covering. PROCODRAIN guarantees effective dewatering, reliable protection against contamination and perfect finishes. Protected in this way, floor coverings in outside areas stay looking great even through tough winters.
Article details
With surfaces laid on loosely laid aggregate such as gravel or grit, you can ensure perfect dewatering with the PROCODRAIN S drainage mat for example patios with ceramic slabs or natural stone paths.

The PROCODRAIN S drainage mat stands on studsand features a particularly sturdy PP fleece layer to channel away water horizontally.
This leaves the surface dry and protected against frost damage. Furthermore, weed growth is suppressed and decomposition of the covering material through chemical reactions or rust is prevented.
The flawless appearance of all floor surfaces in outside areas is guaranteed for a long time to come.

Additional quality features of the drainage mat are:
- extremely resistant to pressure and imperishable
- chemically resistant to the acids commonly found in the earth
- overlapping zones along longitudinal edges
- 2 stud heights for different quantities of water
- certified as a protective layer on seals in accordance with DIN 18195

The PROCODRAIN S drainage mat has a multitude of applications in outside areas, such as

- effective dewatering of balcony and patio coverings made of concrete, natural and artificial stone laid on loose aggregate
- drainage beneath coverings made from loosely laid paving stones and clinker bricks
- drainage beneath large-format ceramic elements
- drainage beneath duckboards with narrow joints derived from timber
- drainage beneath dab and daub bonded, large-format and break-proof ceramic slabs directly above the drainage mat
- drainage beneath aggregate on flat roofs for better dewatering and to protect the seal
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