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PROCHANNEL system packages pre-configured
Nominal length
600 mm
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General product information
To make working with Proline products as easy as possible, we have made preconfigured PROCHANNEL system packages. Just like with a construction kit, all of the components the tradesperson needs for the installation are included:

In addition to the new PROCHANNELs-line drainage line housing with an pre-installed permanently bonded sealing liner, the right frame and the corresponding tile recess, the sets even include the right drain pan and corresponding installation feet. The modular PROCHANNEL system packages are available in various widths. In addition to the variants with a length of 7001000 mm, the shorter versions with a length of 500 and 600 mm round out the product line that covers every detail.

Planning errors can be avoided, thanks to the preconfigured packages. Furthermore, Proline offers the sealing liner permanently bonded to the drainage line housing in advance at the factory.
Article details
Consisting of:

1. PROCHANNEL tile recess (Item No. 95329)
2. PROCHANNELs-line frame (Item No. 95421)
3. PROCHANNELs-line drainage line housing with permanently bonded sealing collar (Item No. 95399)
4. PROCHANNEL drain fitting with odour trap (Item No. 95340)
5. PROCHANNEL installation feet and noise insulating pads (Item No. 95350)
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