Corner protection profile

With tilable fitting section
Stainless steel (V2A)
Length of profile
2,50 m
Height of profile
8 mm
Item No.:
Length of profile: 2,50 m
Length of profile: 3.00 m
General product information
The PROTECT corner protection profile made of stainless steel provides corners on tiled or plastered walls with effective and attractive protection from impacts. They even ensure that highly frequented and exposed floors long remain inviting and a pleasant place to spend some time.

Further quality features of the stainless steel profile include:

- Resistant to chemical attack.
- Insensitive to water, steam and air humidity.
- Good processing properties.

Proline offers the corner protection profile in triple fold or wall anchor variants.

This opens up a variety of further applications:

- for retrofitting.
- for firm anchoring in walls.
- to protect edges on tiled or plastered walls from impacts.
- for use in industrial premises: for example in the food and luxury food industries, in hospitals, swimming pools, laboratories, canteens and industrial kitchens.
Article details
This profile can be tiled on the fitting section to produce a visually flat continuous surface. Protect highly exposed corners with the Proline PROTECT corner protection profile.

No additional bore holes are required in the wall to install this profile. Simply place the profile at the required corner and tile part of the fitting section. The corner protection profile is an external wall corner and is combinable with the stainless steel PROCOVEdouble cove profile or for floor/wall transitions. PROTECT corner protection profile is also easy to clean hygienically.

Proline offers the corner protection profile in bright and brushed versions.

Applications for the tilable PROTECT variant:

- Protects corners on tiled walls from impacts.
- For use on industrial premises, for example in the food and luxury food industries, in hospitals, swimming pools, canteens and industrial kitchens and sanitary facilities
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