Cove profile

Decorative concave profile for laying tile coverings on one side
Stainless steel (V2A)
Length of profile
2,50 m
Height of profile
7 mm
Item No.:
General product information
PROCOVE are concave profiles to shape inner wall corners on kitchen work tops or counters which later receive a ceramic covering. Their symmetrical appearance decoratively upgrades the overall finish of ready to lay surfaces. Due to different geometries, they cater for a wide variety of covering heights.

PROCOVEsingle - For laying tile coverings on one side:

- to obtain harmonious transitions and covering edges between tiled wall surfaces and kitchen worktops or between carpets and designer floors.

PROCOVEdouble - For laying tile coverings on both sides:

- for attractively integrating wall and floor surfaces in corners made of tiles, natural and artificial stone, etc.
- To shape corner joints cleanly and decoratively on tiled worktops.

Article details
A high class solid floorboard needs a top quality, well-fitting finish. The PROVARIO Universal XL floor profile system offers a sturdy and secure solution here too.

The PROVARIO Universal XL screw-down ending profile

- is adjustable in height from 12 to 25 mm
- is available in 90, 100 and 270 cm profile lengths
- provides the ideal connection for solid timber floorboards
- is conveniently supplied with the elevation element

Gives any wooden floor a pleasant look

- The ending profile of the PROVARIO Universal XL series is also aesthetically pleasing: You can choose from five high quality aluminium anodised finishes.
- Not much can be seen of the screw heads in the PROVARIO Universal XL ending profile, and even less can be felt. They are flush-fit with the surface.

Article details
The PROCOVEdouble V2A concave profile made of stainless steel is a high-quality decorative profile with a wide variety of geometries consisting of concave quadrants, meeting increased hygiene requirements in sensitive areas. A high-grade material such as stainless steel, (alloy 1.4301: V2A) and the profile geometry ensure high stability and protect covering edges from mechanical influences and damage. When supplemented with corner pieces, the create perfectly formed transitions on interior and external corners.

PROCOVEdouble V2A concave profiles are designed to match the coverings to ensure extremely reliable and long-term protection against wear and tear in interior rooms on surfaces exposed to moderate chemical use.

Typical areas of application are, e.g.:

- Transitions and covering edges in corners made of various materials (e.g. tiles, natural and artificial stone).
- Smooth and easy to clean corners on walls and floors in hygienically sensitive areas, e.g. in hospitals, commercial large-scale kitchens, cleanrooms, washing facilities and in the food-processing industry.
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