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As a complete provider, Proline Systems is a reliable partner of specialist dealers and processors as well as architects and planners. Proline stands for high-quality profiles and systems for walls and flooring in living spaces and rooms with plumbing as well as for terraces and balconies. Profiles and systems from Proline help you make your customers' dream rooms a reality.


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About PROLINE Systems

Three employees and a great vision: that was the beginning of PROLINE Systems in 1994. Today, 25 years later, this vision has become reality. PROLINE Systems has achieved a leading position on the German market and is successful on all continents.

Over 60 employees develop and distribute more than 3,000 products. The product range of PROLINE Systems offers tile profiles & mat systems, sealing system & drainage systems, tileable shower shelf & tileable wall niche, outdoor systems, in particular pedestal & slab supports, floor profiles & underlay webs, as well as surface heating & cooling systems. Our innovative products satisfy even the most demanding customers. It all started with the idea of developing mature, high-quality tile profiles which, as design elements, ensure perfect results in floor and wall design - both technically and visually.

With this idea, PROLINE Systems became one of the most innovative companies in the industry. Today, PROLINE Systems not only manufactures outstanding individual products, but the success of PROLINE Systems is systematic: All our products are technically and optically perfectly intertwined. They grow in every aspect beyond themselves. This creates completely new possibilities and facilitates processing enormously.

By the way, PROLINE Systems can always be recognised by the bright, strong PROLINE green. A colour that stands for fresh ideas, innovative spirit and uncomplicated cooperation with our trading partners. Anyone who works with PROLINE Systems will quickly notice: The golden ground of craftsmanship has long been green. PROLINE green.
Further information about the product range of Proline Systems

Tile profiles & mat systems

Our tile profiles & mat systems not only serve to protect your floor and wall tiles, but are also a real eye-catcher. Furthermore, the tile profiles can be fixed in any situation, recognisable by the distinctive Proline punching. A particularly strong connection with the ground is created by the punched holes in the tile profiles.

Square-edged profiles, rectangular-edged profiles & round-edged profiles

Transitions, borders, corner areas, angles - at such places you can see at first glance how neatly the work was done. With profiles from Proline, you are practically ahead in these areas. Because the tile rails can be used in many different ways, can be adapted quickly and easily and, most importantly, the result is convincing.

Our square-edged profiles are not only available as standard profiles with a single edge (PROFLOOR). We also offer the flexible angle profiles PROCURVE, rectangular-edged profiles with square or particularly wide visible edges (PRODECOR Q and PRODECOR R) and round-edged profiles with rounded visible edges to give you the greatest possible flexibility and choice.

Joint-end cover profiles & border profiles

Seamless transitions between different floor and wall coverings are quickly accomplished with PRODECOR T. These high-quality joint cover profiles made of stainless steel and aluminium are ideal for covering joints of different widths. Border profiles are ideal for decorative accentuation in floor and wall areas.

Step profiles

Step profiles from Proline provide reliable edge protection, offer stability for the construction, ensure slip resistance and not to forget: They are also a real eye-catcher visually. Thanks to the high-quality materials and careful workmanship, they remain beautiful and durable for years to come.

Transition &compensator profiles

You can create threshold-free transitions and barrier-free floor surfaces with PRONIVO profiles from Proline. These profiles, made of high-quality aluminium or stainless steel, can be used in many different ways. They ensure that everything runs smoothly, both in private living areas and in commercial premises.

Cove profiles

With the PROCOVE profiles made of aluminium and stainless steel, you can design internal wall corners on kitchen worktops or shelves that are to be given a ceramic coating. With their symmetrical visible surfaces, they decoratively enhance the overall appearance of surfaces ready for covering. Thanks to their different geometries, PROCOVE cove profiles can also be used to create different coverings.

Expansion joint & screed profiles

The techniques of thick and thin bed laying have become an integral part of everyday construction life. Especially on large construction sites, everything has to function quickly and smoothly. Your reliable partner: PROCONNEX expansion joint profiles.

Horizontal stresses in tile or slab coverings play an important role for large surfaces. With the expansion joints from Proline, they can be controlled in a safe and practical way. PROCONNEX profiles absorb stresses without damaging themselves. This guarantees longer durability for tiles and coverings, e.g. in large salesrooms, etc.

Our PROCONNEX REM profiles are particularly durable and of high quality. We have received a patent for them - but this is not the only reason why they are technically unique. The high-quality stainless steel (V2A and V4A), which we use in the production of PROCONNEX REM, as well as the ingenious construction make them practically perfectly durable and particularly easy to work with.

Corner protection profiles

Corners deserve special protection. This applies to tiled walls as well as to plastered corners. PROTECT corner protection profiles made of high-quality stainless steel are your reliable partner. They impress with their resistance and durability over many years - including optical durability. Smaller "wounds" can also be effortlessly removed from the profiles.

Mat systems

High-quality mat systems achieve extraordinary results when used with fine tiles and natural stone coverings. Footfall and walking sound insulation as well as reliable decoupling are the important foundations of beautiful floor coverings. But these mats can also be used to bridge adhesion problems, minor level differences and thin, subsurface cracks.

Sealing & drainage systems

With Proline's sealing and drainage systems, we offer the best materials for trade and craft to create the conditions for satisfied customers. Safe, easy to use and durable - these are the three most important characteristics of all our waterproofing and drainage systems.

Your advantage is the system. Proline system solutions are particularly effective in wet and damp rooms. Both the PROFOLIO sealing system and the PROCHANNEL drainage systems are all-inclusive systems. This means that with Proline materials, craftsmen have everything they need for installation directly on site.

And the most important thing: the individual parts of the waterproofing and drainage systems fit together perfectly and guarantee the best results.

Tileable shower shelf & Tileable wall niches

Tileable shower trays & wall niches are very trendy. They can be used to create additional, individual shelves in showers, bathrooms or other rooms. With these unique design options, your customers' living rooms and bathrooms can be adapted down to the last detail.

For craftsmen and designers, our shelves and wall niches offer flexible, effective and elegant solutions. Your customers will thank you for it.

Outdoor systems

Outdoor systems from Proline offer our customers full flexibility for designing outdoor areas. In terrace construction, Proline provides various balcony and terrace profiles that represent an elegant and safe solution. If there is a need for more design space and adaptation options, we offer our pedestal and slab supports.

Further outdoor systems can be found in our drainage mats, which allow easy drainage of the subfloors. Drainage gutters help to keep the outdoor area dry and protect it from flooding against heavy rainfall.

Balcony & Patio Profiles

The Proline balcony and patio profiles provide a clean and protective finish to edges and decking edges. The profiles, made of aluminium or stainless steel, drain or drain water in a targeted manner. The impeccable appearance of balconies and terraces is thus secured in the long term.

Proline offers two different profiles for balconies and terraces: PROCOFORM, the profile matched to the drainage systems, and PROFORM, the individually usable profile. Both profiles are available in different geometries and RAL colours, so that you will find the perfect solution for every application.

Pedestal & slab supports

The importance of the outdoor area, whether garden, terrace, roof terrace or balcony, as a place of retreat in everyday life has been increasing significantly for years. More and more builders and modernizers are looking to perfect their own lives with high-quality outdoor areas.

In the course of urbanization, living space in cities is becoming increasingly scarce. With pedestal supports, new areas for roof terraces can also be created where this was previously not possible due to a lack of statics. As a result of this development, high-quality terrace coverings made of ceramic, concrete or natural stone slabs are increasingly being installed on pedestals.

The PROSTILTadvance pedestal support system combines the flexibility of pedestal bearings with the load-bearing capacity of a supporting structure. Our well-known, high-quality pedestal supports form the basis of the construction. The aluminium girder construction is placed on top of this. The result is a substructure with extremely high load-bearing capacity, which is used in both the private and commercial sectors.

PROSTILT's pedestal support system offers craftsmen and planners a high-quality solution developed and produced in Germany. PROSTILT is the pedestal support for users who appreciate quality and freedom of design.

If particularly heavy terrace slabs made of natural stone or concrete have to be laid on level surfaces, our PROSTILT slab supports are the ideal solution. In addition, old, unsightly terrace coverings can be easily and comfortably built over.

Drainage mats

With PROCODRAIN drainage mats we offer you the perfect drainage for balcony and terrace. Depending on the structure and covering, the variants E, GK or S with their overlapping edges on one side are suitable. PROCODRAIN guarantees efficient drainage, reliable protection against contamination and perfect finishes. Thus protected, external coverings shine in all their beauty even after harsh winters.

Facade channel/drain channel

During drainage, transitions between exterior and interior surfaces are a sensitive area. On large window fronts, heavy rain can quickly cause water to accumulate in front of doors, windows and walls. Wind and driving rain additionally drive the surface water towards the living space. PROCOLINE drainage channels are the right solution because they also effectively drain large quantities of water.

Floor profiles & underlay webs

Which floor profile is suitable for which application is not always self-evident. The choice of different floor coverings results in a wide variety of requirements: Transitions should be mastered, floating coverings fixed and at the same time kept movable. With all these requirements, one thing is certain: Floor profiles - what they do, what they can do:
  • level compensation
  • Accessibility
  • optics
  • flexibility
  • sturdiness
  • durability
  • Comfort

The eye decides Because the eye "lives with you". Optics is a decisive criterion when it comes to high-quality floor coverings. That's why we offer our floor profiles in numerous noble surface variants. If you can't, incompatible floor coverings are a thing of the past thanks to innovative technology. Because our PROVARIO transition profiles, which are height-adjustable and variable in their inclination, also bridge large level differences and extra-wide transitions.

The unique Proline swivel joint technology provides considerably more room for adjustment and even more flexibility. Transition, edging, end or staircase? The Proline range offers you top quality and innovative technology for transitions, edgings and borders as well as for staircases. Also adapted to the budget specifications on the construction site.

For renovations and refurbishments, special requirements must also be met when installing floor profiles. If old floor coverings are to be combined with new ones or transitions between existing floor coverings are to be refurbished, retrofittable floor profiles are required. A reliable partner in this field are the Proline floor profiles, which are also ideally suited for retrofitting (e.g. PROTRANS).

Screwable floor profiles (PROVARIO Universal, PROCOVER Universal) are stable and almost universally applicable. High-quality materials, top workmanship and perfection down to the last detail are essential. An example of this is the 4-sided screw guide for all Proline profiles with swivel joint technology. It ensures that screws sit securely in the cover profile and that the screw head is cleanly countersunk.

The snap-in floor profiles (PROVARIOclip, PROCOVERclip) are as practical as they are easy to install. The plastic joints integrated into the snap-in profiles swallow movements of floating floors without loading the joint. This guarantees lasting durability.

Surface heating systems & cooling systems

No matter if new building or renovation, you would like to have it comfortable in your house, apartment or office at any time of the year. Our aim is to transfer heat in such a way that it arrives where it is needed as quickly as possible. And always where you want to feel comfortable.

Proline Energy are innovative surface heating and cooling systems that are suitable for installation on floors, walls and ceilings. They were developed for use in dry construction. All surface coverings such as tiles and natural stone, parquet, laminate, vinyl as well as textile and elastic coverings can be applied to the surface heating and cooling systems using individual construction solutions.
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