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Introducing continuous profiles made of stainless steel
PROLINE is reorganising its sales and is structuring the product range to be more in line with the market.
PROLINE demonstrated this new range at DOMOTEX 2018 and is well placed for an ambitious 2018 financial year. The specialist in profiles and underlays introduced its successful patented model PROVARIO, now with stainless steel coating, and presented its restructured range of underlay materials, among other things.

NEW – PROVARIO with stainless steel coating

PROLINE’s PROVARIO system, developed in-house, which can be screwed in as well as snapped in, and which is particularly appreciated by flooring professionals, was complemented by PROLINE with a high-quality stainless steel surface from 2018, due to high demand. PROVARIO has a patented rotatable joint in the base profile. This means that the cover profile in question can be continuously adapted to the adjoining floor covering in terms of height and incline. Floor coverings that differ in height are thereby connected neatly to one another.

PROLINE has been able to give the cover profile of the connecting, adapting and finishing profiles a stainless steel coating, by means of a new profile geometry and a special production process. The advantages for the floor coverings and interior design industry are clear: on the one hand the popular material stainless steel, which is often used for fittings for sliding doors, door handles or handrails, can now be applied to the “surface bonding” of floors too. On the other hand, the newly created surface is also considerably more robust than a cover profile made of aluminium. In combination with the proven and patented swivel joint technology, PROVARIO with stainless steel coating is an innovation for floor layers in terms of implementing solutions that hold their value and are well thought out.

NEW – Advice on underlays in line with the market

In the course of developments in the flooring market, PROLINE has restructured its range of underlay materials. “In sales, we have noticed for some time”, explains general sales manager Hilmar Kusmierz, “that even in secondary product areas such as underlay materials, it is important to now give clearer active advice to the trades and crafts regarding which products they should use for which customer requirement. The more complex, extensive and unclear the range on the market, the more receptive customers are to clearly structured, compact and, above all, pragmatic solutions, such as those we supply.”

Following this principle, PROLINE will offer underlay materials in four groups in future. With
PROBASE Norm a range of underlays will be available at fair prices, because for many projects the price-performance ratio is what really counts. Customers who are laying high quality floors are well advised to lay a suitably high quality underlay with this. With PROBASE Premium, PROLINE is able to offer a specific selection of products for this requirement. PROBASE Nature encompasses environmentally friendly underlays, produced from renewable raw materials, and is therefore particularly in demand. And in line with the market trend of the last few years: PROBASE Design. These underlays meet the requirements of designer vinyl floors perfectly.

NEW – “Closer to the customer” – the new sales structure at PROLINE

The floor and tile sales departments, which have been separate up to now, will be combined from 2018. “We are responding to two developments here”, says Martin Bartolovic, CEO of PROLINE. “On the one hand we have developed products over the last few years that are relevant to both the markets of the tile and flooring sectors, such as our ENERGY surface heating. Furthermore, we have registered that the customer markets are also changing. Generalists who do not operate from workshops are on the increase, and in future, they do not want to seek advice from two field sales teams but just one. All in all, there are therefore more things that bring the two areas together rather than separating them.” With a total of twelve field sales employees, including three sales technicians, PROLINE now has smaller-sized areas, thereby increasing proximity to the customer from now on.

As the new general sales manager, Hilmar Kusmierz is responsible for this at a national level. His international counterpart is Georg Bouché, who will manage the growing export business from 2018.

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