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Cut-resistant, soundproofing tub-sealing tape
Protection of the bonding seal against cuts when silicone joints are replaced

Cut-resistant, soundproofing tub-sealing tape

Protection of the bonding seal against cuts when silicone joints are replaced

Hidden cracks in silicone joints are a frequent cause of moisture migration at the edge of the tub. This is why damaged silicone joints have to be replaced. During replacement of silicone joints, installed tub-sealing tape often gets cut by a knife; this leads to permanent damage that allows moisture to penetrate into the masonry unabated and to cause structural damage.

 To provide long-term protection against water damage at tub edges, machine bases, doors or window elements, it is advisable to install tub-sealing tape with cut protection. The new PROFOLIO tub-sealing tape from Proline Systems has a 23-mm-wide cut-protection profile made of ABS, which prevents the entire bonding seal from becoming unusable when the joints are replaced. This is the only way to provide long-term protection against the ingress of moisture into the building structure.

Product details

PROFOLIO tub-sealing tape is a one-sided self-adhesive connecting sealing tape made of highly flexible tri-laminate with fleece backing and self-adhesive butyl strip as well as attached sound insulation strip and butyl putty for forming a seal with the respective building structures. The self-adhesive butyl strip bonds to smooth and impermeable surfaces, such as metal, plastic, enamel, painted surfaces and glass. The PROFOLIO tub-sealing tape also makes it possible to resolve tricky sealing and attachment issues quickly and easily with sealants on substrates that are partially resistant to bonding.

The water-resistant butyl rubber compound has a viscoplastic and highly adhesive property, which, in conjunction with the highly elastic water-tight tri-laminate sealing tape, means that the PROFOLIO tub-sealing tape can offer the highest level of reliability for a water-tight connection in otherwise tricky transition situations. A width of no more than approx. 20 mm is needed on the installation part for the self-adhesive attachment. The sealing tape bonds and fixes in place without any curing time. The length of tape should be chosen in such a way that there are no overlaps of the joints at the edge of trays/tubs.

Johannes Dommermuth, product technician at Proline Systems notes that, "The German Tile and Natural Stone Association (Fachverband Fliesen und Naturstein) has required tub-sealing tape for a long time. In the past, calls for a product such as this were becoming ever louder at numerous panel discussions at professional conferences. This is because tape like this forms a link between the task areas of both tile layers and HVAC installers in wet rooms."

 Since the tub-sealing tape is also made from tri-laminate with fleece backing and features the same product characteristics as PROFOLIO sealing tape, it forms a core part of the PROFOLIO sealing system with PROFIX DS, tested and approved by building authorities.


0.7 mm sealing tape material thickness, 0.9 mm cut-protection profile material thickness;4 m / 10 m sealing tape and sound insulation strip length, each; 120 mm width

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