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New brand identity for PROLINE
It has been official for the last few days: Sven Schumacher, a 36 year-old warehouseman from Liebshausen, is the new testimonial for PROLINE, the Boppard-based specialist profile company. Born in Adenau (Eifel), he not only performed well in the #YOU4PROLINE campaign, but ac-cording to the head of marketing at PROLINE, Stefanie Präuner-Zakrzewski, he also stands “... for the very values of the company as well as for the aspects that are important to appeal to our trade customers: Sven is super-reliable and loyal and is a true professional in his job. Out-wardly, he precisely embodies a type to suit the PROLINE trade brand, the employees in our company and our self-image as a day to day provider to the trades”.
“In the course of the further development of the PRO-LINE brand strategy, the new visual is an important com-ponent and a logical step towards segmented market cultivation”, says the PROLINE CEO Martin Bartolovic. “Furthermore, we are able to very neatly solve the recognition problem that many providers have when offering an extensive range, as we do.

PROLINE customers and fans have been invited to ap-ply for the campaign in the last few weeks and months via social media channels. Furthermore, the recall as well as an initial shooting of the finalists took place, and Sven was selected in this process. His face will gradually become the external image of the PROLINE trade brand in the next few months, and will draw attention to PROLINE pleasantly, photogenically and in an eye-catching way on banners, ads, social media channels and trade fair stands.

“Striking testimonials such as Sven’s liven up the market-ing activities and add zest to our industry”, says the head of marketing at PROLINE, Stefanie Präuner-Zakrzewski. “For our trading partners, the new brand identity of PROLINE means an even more intensive and direct consolidation with the identify of trade customers, and a departure from the traditional but largely very technical communications of competitors. We are proactively supporting the generational change that we are facing in the trades with a visual that also suits our times.”

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