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Proline further expands its expertise in LVT accessories
Three new underlays and one new floor profile series for design flooring presented in Munich

Proline further expands its expertise in LVT accessories

Three new underlays and one new floor profile series for design flooring presented in Munich

The victory march continues for the flooring type of many names that has been going strong for more than 15 years. We are talking about luxury vinyl tile (LVT), also known as design flooring, design coverings, design vinyl or vinyl flooring. This covering type, so perfectly able to unite durability with a variety of natural looks, is continuously expanding its market significance.

During installation, underlay materials need to have different properties to match the individual requirements at the installation site. Reason enough for Proline to take up this topic and ensure the optimum floor structure for installing LVT. At the BAU trade fair in Munich, the company presented three new underlay materials at once.

PROBASE LVT PE-X 1.0 for floating installation of vinyl flooring without HDF base

This underlay material, that comes in rolls, consists of physically cross-linked, closed-cell polyolefin foam and is suitable for installing design/vinyl flooring with click connections (floor coverings of MMFA Class 2/3). It provides very good protection for the top floor and is ideally suited for use in combination with underfloor heating. A thickness of just 1.0 mm makes it perfect for use when renovating, in order to not go up to high. The other properties of PROBASE LVT PE-X 1.0 pertain to protection of the floor (compensation for areas of unevenness, compressive resistance, moisture tolerance) as well as increasing living comfort, for example, through improved walking and impact sound insulation. 

Furthermore, the very high-quality underlay rolls are available with the same thickness with a non-slip grip surface. As a result, the NEW PROBASE LVT PE-X 1.0 with grip surface protects against board slippage and gap formation.

NEW – PROBASE LVT PU-M 1.5 high-tech acoustic mat
The product line of underlay materials for design/vinyl flooring is complemented by PROBASE LVT PU-M 1.5. This product is a high-tech acoustic mat made of a polyurethane/mineral mixture with good impact sound reduction (14 dB). It also comes in rolls.

Caption: PROBASE LVT PU-M 1.5 high-tech acoustic mat

The 1.5-mm-thick quality mat provided in rolls is also designed for design/vinyl flooring with a click connection, ideally suited for underfloor heating, extremely stable under compressive loads and is capable of compensating for areas of unevenness of the subfloor. 

NEW – PROCOVER Designfloor S
Proline Systems is now adding the PROCOVER Designfloor S profile to its well-stocked range of transition, compensator and ending profiles. The profile features an extra-narrow cover profile, making it especially noteworthy for state-of-the-art floor designs, terminations and discrete architectural drafts. The technical properties of PROCOVER Designfloor S remain unaffected by the cover profile becoming narrower. Here, too, the height can be adjusted in the range of 4–9 mm. 

Georg Bouché, National Sales Manager at Proline Systems, is excited about the new products in the line: "Proline's own system principle as well as the ability to supply our customers with everything from a single source is now significantly more noticeable for LVT coverings, too. We support the dynamics of the market in this segment with suitable accompanying products for the floor structure and edging. Once again, the new products make it clear that Proline is professionally positioned for LVT coverings, too."

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