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System-based patio design
The PROSTILT pedestal and slab support system by Proline offers functional detailed solutions for the most frequent types of design in patio construction

System-based patio design

The PROSTILT pedestal and slab support system by Proline offers functional detailed solutions for the most frequent types of design in patio construction

Many external factors have currently led to the laying of ceramic patio coverings on pedestal supports being in vogue. On the one hand, with the low weight of pedestal supports in comparison with traditional laying with gravel or bedding mortar, a variety of new surfaces can be used, which were formerly not possible for structural reasons, particularly in urban areas. On the other hand, the simplicity of laying as well as the time taken leads to greater willingness to realise projects from the customer side. Due to the ubiquitous outdoor trend, patio areas are therefore increasingly becoming an architectural lifestyle topic with great potential for growth.

Traditional pedestal supports are most suitable for use when laying surfaces, but they literally “reach their limits” in the edge areas of the patio. On roof terraces in particular, the ending of the upper covering is a critical matter when it comes to sealing the flat roof. And when forming steps or facings, most systems do not offer any solutions in line with the market, so that craftsmen mainly have to find time-consuming improvisations.

PROSTILT starts where other systems end

The development and product technology of Proline devoted itself to this task early on, and developed a comprehensive system with PROSTILT, which has a functional, aesthetic and at the same time systemic solution ready for the most common forms of design in patio building. Detailed solutions that fit together for the most important interfaces or connection points of patios therefore look like this with PROSTILT:

PROSTILT decouples the patio covering

The integrated joint bridges of the pedestal supports ensure an even look for the joints. Furthermore, due to the open joints, there is automatic cushioning of any thermally conditioned extensions to the length, and rainwater and other forms of moisture are discharged. The terrace covering is permanently decoupled from the terrace by the PROSTILT pedestal support design as well as by the open joints. Frost damage is therefore also proactively prevented.

PROSTILT with spacer

The PROSTILT clip spacer with neoprene pad can be used in the edge area of roof terraces, for example, for the transition between the patio and the masonry. This is placed on the upper side of the PROSTILT pedestal support and held by the joint bridges. The spacer forms a consistent 10 mm thick joint to the wall or to the end of the roof terrace. This ensures that the seal of the roof terrace does not sustain any damage even if the surface extends or there is movement in the upper material.

PROSTILT with facing

PROSTILT creates the option to skilfully plan and design the upper covering of the patio along with a visually even riser In the same material. The systemic stainless steel facing conceals the cut edge and the necessary technical elements, and is an expression of the value, function and design. The visually convincing result is achieved with two specially developed clips to hold the PROSTILT facing profile.

PROSTILT corner facing

To form perfect outside corners PROSTILT offers a factory pre-prepared outside corner. For installation, again two clips are included on the upper plate and the outside corner is now hung on the intake bridges located on both sides.

PROSTILT channel line

In the transition area between patios and living areas - anywhere where French doors or lifting/sliding doors are installed, drainage lines must be built in according to DIN18040-2 to prevent the penetration of water into the interior in the event of heavy rain or snowdrifts. The PROSTILT channel line set is installed directly or slightly staggered from the window with a spacer tiling, depending on the structural circumstances.

PROFORM TOS T-profile (for transitions to lawns, flower beds or gravel)

To keep the patio even with the ground, beds or lawn, Proline offers the patio and terrace profile PROFORM TOS. Used in particular for low construction heights, in the installation the punched support base is fixed to the plate of the pedestal support and is later also held by the plate's own weight. The 75 mm high profile gives an attractive shape and finish from the patio area to the adjacent material.

Summary by Hilmar Kusmierz, new sales manager at Proline

“Specialist traders who particularly want to convince their customers with comprehensive solutions and systems can actively recommend PROSTILT. The system may be used with all the usual installations, including the construction of steps and stairs. Users can appreciate straight away from the design that PROSTILT is based on the requirements of craftsmen,” says Hilmar Kusmierz, new sales manager for the Tiling department at Proline.

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