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Comfort house of lightweight construction uses PROLINE ENERGY
Petit Chalet – a mobile property - deploys the surface heating system from PROLINE for its heating
Houses are not usually transportable – they are therefore known (literally) as “immovable” properties. A creative entrepreneur fromZella-Mehlis in Thuringia is turning this notion upside down with the Petit Chalet mobile property. The “Petit Chalet” is pre-assembled as a complete house, including all fittings, and is then taken to its destination using a semi-trailer and crane. The lightweight houses are supported by a solid framework made of steel, which provides the necessary connection rigidity and thus the basic statics. A few hours after the “unloading of the house” it is handed over to the owner ready for occupancy, and it is up to them to make it cosy and pleasant.

Caption: Romantic lakeside dwelling – the Petit Chalet on the north bank of Lake Hain near Rötha

The man behind this idea is entrepreneur Thorsten Hanf. He has made his vision of creating a modular house, which you can move with you if necessary, into a reality. The entrepreneur took plenty of time and trouble in solving tricky details, such as the choice of heating system. From the start, the idea was that the Petit Chalet should not be of the standard of a weekend home (in the sense of a summer house / dacha) with makeshift heating etc., but should be of the quality of an actual new construction - but there still remained the question of floor heating. The classic version, which is laid under a “wet” screed floor, was out of the question. The screed floor would clearly be too heavy and would also sustain damage when being transported. Also, every screed floor has a drying time, which it would be difficult to include in the calculations for producing the house.

This is not the case with PROLINE ENERGY. Furthermore, the heating surface, which can be built in “dry”, and which saves a great deal of time and weight by not using screed, scores points due to its extremely low installation height of just 32 mm. “So this leaves more space in the house for fittings that the customer would like to install”, says Thorsten Hanf. “Of course, not only does the floor heating have to heat but it also has be convincing with regard to its simplicity of installation as well its energy efficiency. In this way, because PROLINE ENERGY is not installed under a screed floor, it is 20% more energy-efficient. The response time for the highly elastic and oxygen-tight pipes is therefore much shorter and the rooms are heated noticeably quickly. Depending on the heat requirement, PROLINE ENERGY also requires a flow temperature that is 5 degrees lower in comparison with traditional heated screeds”, says the entrepreneur.

Healthy living and ease of operation

Even those with allergies can breathe easy inside the Petit Chalet, for PROLINE ENERGY ensures minimal air circulation, keeping the swirling around of dust and allergens as low as possible. Humidity remains almost unaffected by the operation of the heating. The occupants are therefore ensured a healthy room climate. The heating is either operated via individual control or is regulated automatically based on the external temperature. The precise pre-produced parts can also be separated simply with a smart grid and are therefore easy to install. The system is suited equally to new builds and renovations.

The factors that were important for the Petit Chalet inventor Thorsten Hanf when deciding in favour of PROLINE ENERGY were quality, durability, energy efficiency and sustainability. “As we registered an extremely high demand, it was and is an absolute priority to only have suppliers on board upon whom we can rely100%.”

But it was not only PROLINE ENERGY that convinced the entrepreneur. The people at PROLINE, who were “alight” from the start with their expertise and passion for the project, played a crucial role in the decision to form a long-term cooperation: “The chemistry was right from the outset. We could turn to the employees at PROLINE with questions any time. We have always received competent advice quickly, even when we were in a hurry or we faced a problem, the PROLINE team worked closely with my staff to find a solution.”

All-rounders in heating matters

PROLINE ENERGY sales engineer Manfred Rupprecht, who supported the project from the word go, is certain: “In terms of the quality standard and economic potential up to the sustainability considerations, PROLINE is on the right wavelength for the Petit Chalet team! This not only benefits us but also new house owners in particular, who can make their dream of a house on the lake or wherever a reality, in extremely comfortable climatic surroundings.” says Manfred Rupprecht.

Rupprecht, a civil engineer, who has been the expert in matters of surface heating systems for many years for PROLINE, is fascinated time and again by the design leeway that the heating system makes possible: “Whether it is in a bathroom under tiling, or in a kitchen with laminate flooring, ENERGY can be combined with almost all floor coverings. With its individual structure, ENERGY is also an optimum solution in wet areas, for example in floor-level showers.”

Besides the installation of PROLINE ENERGY in new builds such as the Petit Chalet lightweight construction house, the water-guided technology of surface heating systems can also be coupled with existing heating systems. Furthermore, floor heating systems are not an exclusive stipulation for PROLINE ENERGY customers. The ingenious heating system module can also be installed as wall heating. There are barely any limits to the fantasy.

Modular options

The different models of the Petit Chalet variously offer plenty of space. In this case, the lightweight construction has more than 70 m2 of space distributed across two levels. The two floors are connected by a robust outer staircase that enables access to the spacious terrace of the upper storey, which is also built-in. The house can be occupied straight away by its new owners, provided both storeys have been fixed to the foundations.

Caption: Laying of the foundation stone, topping-out ceremony and moving in – all on the same day - the Petit Chalet

Whether it is a main dwelling or a holiday home, the Petit Chalet can be used for any conceivable purpose the whole year round due to its quality. The company declares this on its website: A considerable advantage of the Petit Chalet, which is designed in a modular format, is the absolute flexibility that it offers. The simple and fast installation - and dismantling - and the option of speedy and risk-free transportation to another desired location gives the customer the greatest possible freedom.

Sample living in the Petit Chalet

Those who are interested in the Leipzig area have the opportunity to experience the Petit Chalet at close quarters: About the website You have the opportunity to book a stay in an idyllically located Petit Chalet right on the north bank of Lake Hain near Rötha. Here in Leipzig’s Neuseenland, you can find out for yourself about the versatility and comfort of the houses by spending a superb holiday there. A review by a guest stays it all: “If you are looking to relax in a fantastic atmosphere, you are in the right place here!”


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