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World innovation: Floor profile with solid stainless steel coating
PROLINE extends its floor profile system with joint technology by an exclusive design with solid stainless steel coating.
World innovation

Floor profile with solid stainless steel coating

PROLINE extends its floor profile system with joint technology by an exclusive design with solid stainless steel coating.
Brushed stainless steel has been the measure of all things for visible surfaces in many application areas of interior design for some time. Whether it is door or window fittings as well as their handles, handrails, bathroom accessories or lamps – brushed stainless steel is the face of modern materiality. It goes without saying that in this context, flooring transitions don’t have to be the exception. For the third quarter 2018, PROLINE, the specialist for profiles and subfloor mats, is now presenting its patented successful model PROVARIO with a cover profile coating of solid stainless steel. PROLINE has been able to produce the cover profile of the transition, compensator and ending profiles in stainless steel by means of a special production process and new profile geometry.

Compensator profile PROVARIO stainless steel from PROLINE

The profile PROLINE PROVARIO, optionally available screwed (PROVARIO) or unscrewed (PROVARIO Clip), can be used for transitions between different adjacent floorings, e.g. parquet, LVT, laminate as well as tiling/natural stone. In this case, the adjacent floorings have almost the same height, but must be minimally adjusted. The height of the PROVARIO can be seamlessly adjusted between 7 and 18 mm and the angle of inclination is freely adjustable, due to the patented swivel joint in the base profile. In addition, the model is also available as compensator and ending profile.

An important application benefit of PROVARIO is that all screw heads are recessed flush in the cover profile. The assembly free from protrusions is not only visually pleasing, but is also comfortable for all those who like to walk around barefoot at home. The profiles are available in lengths of 100 and 270 cm and can thus also cover particularly wide transitions. Those who like it even more flush and object to screw heads should use PROVARIOclip. This product comprises the same elements as PROVARIO and also has the patented swivel joint technology. However, depending on the thickness of the floor coverings to be linked, the cover profile is locked into the plastic joint of the base profile at different depths for the transition and adjustment profiles. This absorbs the vibrations that occur in floating parquet and laminate floorings with impact sound insulation.

The cover coating version PROVARIO stainless steel supplements the PROVARIO range with a premium version. Naturally, the cover profile of this widely used range continues to be available in aluminium in the anodised colours silver, champagne, gold and bronze as well as brushed stainless steel. Installers and their customers can thus choose between six attractive looks. The advantages of a solid stainless steel cover coating for the floor coverings and interior design industry are clear: on the one hand, the popular material stainless steel, which can often be found in contemporary interiors, can now be applied to the “surface bonding” of floors too. On the other hand, the newly created surface is also considerably more robust than a cover profile made of aluminium. In combination with the proven and patented swivel joint technology, PROVARIO with solid stainless steel coating is the innovation for floor layers in terms of implementing solutions that hold their value and are well thought out.

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