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Proline Systems adds to its drainage line
Systemic solutions are a popular choice for primary or secondary drainage in floor-level showers.

Proline Systems adds to its drainage line

Systemic solutions are a popular choice for primary or secondary drainage in floor-level showers.

Customers having their bathrooms renovated or remodelled are choosing a floor-level shower and natural-coloured tiles. That is how industry experts are documenting the current trend. To satisfy customer demand for floor-level showers and meet the technical requirements, tile layers and tradespeople need reliable drainage systems. These systems need to provide flexible and high-quality solutions that appeal to their customers. Proline Systems offers the tried-and-tested PROCHANNEL drainage system and responds to the enduring industry trend with more worksite-specific detailed solutions to implement floor-level showers and barrier-free wet rooms. The product line has again been expanded with more details and now looks as follows:

PROCHANNELp-line with primary drainage

PROCHANNELp-line captures surface water over its entire length and channels it over the surface of the covering and into the drainage line housing. Thanks to the enclosed design of the drainage line housing, this variant ensures absolute hygienic reliability. Thanks to an integrated upstand, the primary drainage provides full-surface protection for the adjacent covering or its joint. PROCHANNELp-line with upstand is ideal for tile flooring with a thickness up to 12.5 mm as well as with a fixed frame for natural stone flooring with a thickness of 15 mm or 20 mm. Installation is easy and takes into account the structural needs for thermal insulation and walking/impact noise.

Finishing look: PROCHANNEL tile recess and design grilles

The tile recess and backing board make it possible to provide a visual adjustment to match the tile flooring. Or decide in favour of one of the six stainless steel design grilles to contrast with the tile. The drainage lines are designed so that the tile recesses and design grilles can be used in both variants, PROCHANNELp-line and PROCHANNELs-line.

PROCHANNELs-line with primary drainage and secondary drainage

The PROCHANNELs-line variant goes a step further. Here, not only the surface water but also any adjacent seep water in the bed of adhesive is channelled into the drainage line housing by a sealing level. By installing PROCHANNELs-line, the tradesperson achieves maximum reliability with respect to drainage. Proline has designed both systems as an individually configurable modular system. Thus PROCHANNEL can provide a flexible response to every structural requirement, and for many partners it has already become the standard solution in linear drainage.

NEW – PROCHANNELs-line system packages with added value

To make working with Proline products as easy as possible, we have made preconfigured PROCHANNEL system packages. Just like with a construction kit, all of the components the tradesperson needs for the installation are included:
In addition to the new PROCHANNELs-line drainage line housing with an pre-installed permanently bonded sealing liner, the right frame and the corresponding tile recess, the sets even include the right drain pan and corresponding installation feet. The modular PROCHANNEL system packages are available in various widths. In addition to the variants with a length of 700–1000 mm, the shorter versions with a length of 500 and 600 mm round out the product line that covers every detail.

 Planning errors can be avoided, thanks to the preconfigured packages. Furthermore, Proline offers the sealing liner permanently bonded to the drainage line housing in advance at the factory. This innovation also proactively minimises sources of error.

NEW – PROCHANNELs-line drainage line housing with EPS backing board

The PROCHANNELs-line system has been expanded by a new drainage line housing with integrated EPS backing board, which makes the installation even easier and therefore saves valuable work time.

Thanks to a rugged core made of expanded polystyrene, no more cumbersome adjustment of the installation feet is required. The new EPS backing board for PROCHANNELs-line is available in lengths of 500–1000 mm and, thanks to its integrated drain pan, ensures a maximum drainage capacity of 0.7 litres per second. An installation height of at least 8.5 cm is required for installation. The sealing liner is assembled at the factory, eliminating the need to perform that work at the installation site.

 With these new products in the line of drainage products, Proline Systems is ideally prepared for the BAU trade fair in 2017.

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